Monday, 2 January 2017

Film Review: SCARS (2016)

SCARS **** Canada 2016 Dir: Sean K. Robb 108 mins

Opening with buxom punk girl Scar killing her abusive boyfriend we are soon introduced to extortionist Scarlett. After Scarlett's recent blackmail victim takes things in to his own hands by beating her up in an alley, Scar comes out of nowhere and stabs him to death thus saving Scarlett from a serious ass kicking. After seeing this Scarlett runs for her life but soon comes around and meets up with Scar and joins forces over their hatred of men.
With their new bond they paint the town red with blood, leaving victim after victim in their wake. As the bodies pile up they are pursued by a detective, their only way of escape is leaving no witnesses. SCARS is written/produced and directed by Sean K. Robb and his influences are obvious throughout but he makes them his own in his directorial debut. It is hard to pinpoint a genre that you would put this in as it is a mixture of genres but that is what makes it standout and come across as original. The easiest way of putting it is saying its Thelma And Louise on steroids. At nearly 2 hours long you would think SCARS would have run out of steam, but the story and characters are well crafted leaving you wanting more. Standout performance for me goes to Danielle Cole as Scar. Be sure to pick SCARS up as soon as you can you won't be disappointed.

Review by Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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