Tuesday, 28 February 2017


DEADLY VIRTUES: LOVE.HONOUR.OBEY *** U.K./Netherlands 2014 Dir: Ate de Jong 87 mins

A psychopath breaks into the home of Tom and Alison a couple with a strained relationship, with the intent of revealing the transgressions that are tearing them apart. Without giving too much away the psychopath spends the weekend with Alison while her husband is bound and gagged in the bathtub. Sure the psycho could just rape and kill Alison but he wants more then that, he wants her to desire him and want to be with him. From the Friday to Monday morning we see Alison struggle between her disgust with her captor and trying to rescue the man that she loves.
If she does not comply to her captor's demands her husband gets tortured but will she want to continue saving him when all is revealed. A brief cameo towards the end of the movie from Sadie Frost (BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA) sees what could possibly be our antagonists next person he visits. Directed by Dutch film director Ate de Jong (DROP DEAD FRED) and written by Mark Rogers, this home invasion film won't be for everyone. This isn't to say the film isn't good because it is, its just the subject matter that some people may feel put off by as it valiantly defies the line between torture porn, eroticism and drama throughout. Everyone is on top form and bring to life the characters with enough realism that you get drawn in by what is happening. Stand out performances go to Edward Akrout as Aaron the cool collected psychopath and Megan Maczko as Alison his love interest and unfortunate prisoner for the weekend. Just like Aaron's knots in his bondage ropes this film has no loose ends.

Review by Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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