Film Review: THE BUTCHER (2016)

THE BUTCHER ** U.S.A. 2016 Dir: Emir Skalonja 75 mins

Widow Lori is a lonely woman and is pushed back into the dating scene by her gay friend using online dating. After meeting up with a guy at a local bar where they chat about her job as a coroner and the gruesome details involved, they part ways and she feels happy about the way the date went.
Back at her abode a stranger breaks into Lori’s home and kidnaps her. Lori will soon wake up in a disused warehouse alongside 2 other women where a psychopath, who has clearly been watching THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE too many times going by his look, will soon dispatch of them in horrific ways. One has an eye ripped out of her socket and then her breasts are grated away with a cheese grater. Another has a forced abortion with a coat hanger and her intestines ripped out. What the killer known as ‘The Butcher’ doesn’t realise is that Lori will not be going down as easily as his previous prey. This underground torture porn slasher goes through the standard motions, killer gets victims, tortures them and later one of the victims fights back. It delivers on the gore which you would expect and the killer does have alot of character to him outside of just killing people. Though this film brings nothing new to the table, the way Emir shoots his films shows that he has an eye for film making. Not the best film to check out if you want to see some of Emir’s work or want to watch another torture film. For that I would suggest his far superior film CONFESSIONS OF A HOMICIDAL PROSTITUTE  (2017).

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

Keep an eye on this page as they will release THE BUTCHER later this year.

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