Film Review: THE PLAGUE (2016)

THE PLAGUE *** USA 2016 Dir: Emir Skalonja 74 mins

Love Canal, Niagara Falls, New York a once blossoming town in the 1890s soon turns to disarray, and is bought out by the Hooker company in the 1940s who use it as a toxic waste dump which forces everyone out. Present day and the town is still no good for human habitation but something has made its home there, flesh eating zombies. An unlikely alliance is formed between two people out for a casual run and a very buxom assassin with her partner.
Can these four people kill the undead before the plague hits the rest of the world? Those looking for zombies ripping apart their victims will be disappointed as this is more focused on the characters and their will to survive then the zombie hordes. There is a nice bond between the characters that appears more genuine then some you see in films, whether this is a genuine bond between the actors is another matter. The zombies are effective with a mix of slow and fast undead to please all. Mild gore is seen and is mostly down to headshots and a few entrails. THE PLAGUE is yet another zombie film to join what must be thousands out there already, but don’t think of that as a bad point as this one entertains on other levels.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

Keep an eye on this page as they will release THE PLAGUE later this year.

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