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Vinegar Syndrome are back with another month of sleaze, exploitation and horror. In April they release a title that I have been wanting for a long time...PSYCHO COP RETURNS, but what are the other releases for this month coming, well you can check out the details below.

You can pre-order them right now and there is some savings to have to:

Save 40% until 1st April 2017
Save 35% until 10th April 2017
Save 30% until 25th April 2017

This months releases are:

VS-162: Psycho Cop Returns *Limited Edition O-Card* [Blu-ray/DVD Combo]


The first 1,666 copies sold through will include a double thick silver foil limited edition o-card designed by Chris Garofalo. If you see this message and you pre-order the release, you’ll get the limited o-card.

Officer Joe Vickers (Robert R. Shafer) is the meanest and deadliest cop in LA, leaving behind a never-ending stream of bloodied bodies, in the name of justice. The fact that he also happens to be a Satan worshiping member of the undead doesn’t help much either. After overhearing some office workers discussing a secret drug and sex filled after-hours party they’re planning to host that night, Vickers decides to take the law into his own hands, disposing of the rebel rousers in a series of gruesome ways. Will the hapless partiers be able to outsmart and survive his brutal tactics before the night is through?

Outrageously gory, nudity filled, and bitingly funny, director Adam Rifkin’s (Detroit Rock City) no-holds-barred slasher/comedy classic, PSYCHO COP RETURNS, moves gleefully between blood drenched killings and sex comedy antics, resulting in a 90s exploitation gem unlike any other. Only briefly available in its uncut form, Vinegar Syndrome brings this gleefully absurd sleaze masterpiece to Blu-ray in a brand new and fully uncensored director approved 2k restoration!

Directed by: Adam Rifkin
1992 / 85 minutes / Color / 1.85:1

Actors: Robert R. Shafer, Barbara Niven, Miles Dougal, Rod Sweitzer, Nick Vallelonga, Melanie Good, Julie Strain

Features Include:

• Region free Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack
• Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm vault elements
• Commentary track with Director Adam Rifkin
• “Habeas Corpus” – a 43 minute documentary on the making of PSYCHO COP RETURNS, featuring brand new interviews with: Adam Rifkin (Director), Robert R. Shafer (Lead Actor), Dan Povenmire (Screenwriter), Peter Schink (Editor), Miles Dougal (Co-Star), Rod Sweitzer (Co-Star), Nick Vallelonga (Co-Star), Barbara Niven (Co-Star) and Melanie Good (Co-Star)
• “The Victims of Vickers” – featurette with SFX Artist Mike Tristano
• Cover artwork by Chris Garofalo
• Reversible cover artwork
• English SDH Subtitles

VS-163: Double Exposure *Limited Edition O-Card* [Blu-ray/DVD Combo]


 The first 1,000 copies sold through will include a double thick ’embossed title’ limited edition o-card designed by Derek Gabryszak. If you see this message and you pre-order the release, you’ll get the limited o-card.

Michael Callan stars as Adrian Wilde, a prolific photographer whose specialty is shooting nude models for men’s magazines. His life starts to unravel when he begins to experience strange and almost lifelike dreams in which he murders the very women he’s been photographing. What’s more is that he soon discovers that they might not be dreams after all. Has he started to lose touch with reality; is he a calculated killer attempting to create an unbelievable alibi; or is something much more sinister and deadly afoot…

Co-starring Joanna Pettet (Welcome to Arrow Beach) and Seymour Cassel (Killing of a Chinese Bookie), and featuring atmospheric, scope photography by R. Michael Stringer, DOUBLE EXPOSURE is a slick and suspenseful psychological mystery fused with slasher and giallo elements. Inspired by director William Bryon Hillman’s 1974 film, The Photographer, but taking a much darker and more violent approach, Vinegar Syndrome brings this distinctly original horror obscurity to Blu-ray, newly restored from its original 35mm camera negative.

Directed by: William Bryon Hillman
1982 / 95 minutes / Color / 1.85:1

Actors: Michael Callan, Joanna Pettet, Seymour Cassel, James Stacy, Pamela Hensley, Cleavon Little, Robert Tessier, Sally Kirkland

Features Include:

• Region free Blu-ray/DVD combo pack
• Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negative
• Commentary track with Director William Byron Hillman
• “Exposing Double Exposure” Interview with Cinematographer R. Michael Stringer
• “Staying on Task” Interview with Script Supervisor Sally Stringer
• Isolated score by Composer Jack Goga
• Original theatrical trailer
• Promotional still gallery
• Reversible cover artwork by Derek Gabryszak
• English SDH Subtitles

VS-164: Ladies Night / Her Wicked Ways [DVD]

The Lewis Brothers, of Detroit, bring you two hot and heavy carnal capers starring some of the biggest names in sexploitation!


Annette Haven isn’t getting the satisfaction she needs at home. Her husband would rather watch football, so she and her lusty female friends head to the neighborhood watering hole for a night on the town, during which each of them will find the carnal fulfillment they’ve been craving.


The ravishing Jesie St. James stars as Ruby, second wife of recently deceased billionaire Oliver Sutton. With his huge fortune now up for grabs, various figures in Ruby’s life start to come out of the woodwork to try and claim a piece of the riches, and use every conceivable erotic trick to get the cash…

Directed by: Harry Lewis / Louis Lewis
1980-1983 / 154 minutes / Color / 1.85:1

Actors: Annette Haven, Lisa De Leeuw, Nicole Noir, Tigr, Paul Thomas, Herschel Savage, Mike Horner, Jesie St. James, Eric Edwards, Jon Martin, Joanna Storm

Features Include:

• Region free DVD
• Both films scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm negative
• Extensive audio discussion with the Lewis Brothers

VS-165: Hot Flashes [DVD]

Channel 69, WSEX, has the hottest evening news show in Southern California. Three foxy and uninhibited prime time anchors probe the ins and outs of local lovemaking. From hands on investigations into the latest erotic techniques to explorations of international sex cultures, intermixed with sultry advertisements for wild and sensual products, these reporters go deep into their investigations.

Featuring Kristara Barrington, Karen Summer, and Crystal Breeze, and directed by notorious sleaze master, Leonard Kirtman (as Leon Gucci). Vinegar Syndrome is proud to present this raunchy ride to the outer limits of mid 80s sexploitation trash. Scanned and restored in 2k from its 35mm original camera negative and on home video for the first time in its intended aspect ratio.

Directed by: Leonard Kirtman
1984 / 76 minutes / Color / 1.85:1

Actors: Kristara Barrington, Desiree Lane, Karen Summer, Nicole Blanc, Beverly Bliss, Crystal Breeze, Zebedy Colt, Francois Papillon, Jon Martin, Lisa Lake, Dorothy Onan

Features Include:

• Region free DVD
• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original negative

            Release date is set for 25th April 2017.

This month they are also doing a BLU-RAY package which contains PSYCHO COP RETURNS and DOUBLE EXPOSURE only. If this interests you, you can save 30% until 25th April 2017. Order details HERE.

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