Film Review: PANTEON WOODS (2015)

PANTEON WOODS ** U.S.A. 2015 Dir: Michael Ramova 70 mins

Deep in the Panteon Woods lives a beast known to the locals as Chanoc, a legendary werewolf type creature never caught on film before. Riley Rey (Heather Jane Farr) a star of Youtube with her own channel featuring paranormal and other videos about the unknown, will try to seek out the Chanoc and hopefully grow her viewership on her channel. With the help of her cinematographer sister Rebecca Rey (Nixon Vicci) and tracker/hunter Greg Blackrot (Richard Wotkun) who will do anything for money, the hunt is on.
As they are guided deeper into the woods the possibility of capturing the legendary creature grows, but what is waiting for them in the woods is possibly far more dangerous then the creature itself. Another entry into what seems to be the endless cycle of found footage films that sees people go into the woods with an objective but never return. As you would expect from the legendary story angle, they do interview locals about the Chanoc including a lady who believes that she has a relationship going on with the creature. This amongst a few other things are one of the more comical moments. Not many other things stand out from the film apart from the boobs on Nixxi Vicci, the other is that that the running time is a short 70 minutes which goes by quickly. It is shot well and the acting is superb from everyone involved. If you can look past the point that this film seems to be written by a horny male teenager you will enjoy this trip through the woods.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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