Film Review: THE PERFECT HOUSE (a.k.a. The Fear) (2013)

THE PERFECT HOUSE (a.k.a. The Fear) *** U.S.A. 2013 Dir: Kris Hulbert, Randy Kent 84 mins

Three stories all connected by one thing…..THE PERFECT HOUSE. Our introduction to the home is by the very sexy redhead estate agent that asks things in a provocative way like “do you want to check the downstairs?”, while spread on the bed showing a couple around the home. Once in the basement we get three stories told in different time periods. First up we get a story of a family of four in the basement while they wait out a storm. Though its not the storm they should be worried about while trapped down there.
Next up is the comedic torture story which sees a crazed killer with a girl trapped in a cage. He tortures his victims and asks for her approval rating on the kill as if he was in the Olympics. The third and final story is basically the wrap around story. We see Felissa Rose take her family around to their neighbours home for dinner. He is a little unhinged and decides to take it upon himself to teach the family the wrongs of the world through his own methods. Felissa Rose (SLEEPAWAY CAMP) has a small role as the mother in this story, but is in the film to give it name value more then anything as she doesn’t have to do alot. The film is very enjoyable and everybody brings their ‘A’ game, but the best story of the lot is easily the torture one. It is well written and each story would fit well into the period of horror movies they were aiming for. It also has the acclaim of being the first film to stream via Facebook, so if they don’t get any other recognition they have that. If you buy the DVD from Wild Eye Releasing there is quite a few extras, and in one the filmmakers discuss that they have plans for further films revolving around the house. Time will tell if this will be a good idea or whether the film should just be a one off. Check this film out for a fairly decent anthology movie.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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