Tuesday, 4 April 2017


On 11th April 2017, Severin Films will possess the souls of genre fans with the first ever fully restored presentation of Canadian nightmare generator CATHY’S CURSE. Fans can now experience one of the strangest EXORCIST/OMEN/CARRIE-inspired grindhouse hits like never before, transferred in 2k from recently-found film elements and featuring revealing new Extras with long-lost star Randi Allen and producer/director/co-writer Eddy Matalon.

Forget what you’ve seen in blurry bootlegs and crappy budget packs. This first- ever restoration of the depraved Canadian shocker is being hailed as the genre rediscovery of the year: In 1947, a young girl is roasted alive in a car accident. Thirty years later, her grown brother returns to their childhood home with his mentally unstable wife and sweet daughter Cathy. But when the dead aunt’s vengeful spirit possesses the child, it will unleash an unnerving nightmare of creepy mediums, demonic dolls, and plenty of sick ‘70s foul-mouthed moppet mayhem.

The Blu-ray will come with a whole host of special features as listed below:

  • Director’s Cut
  • Alternate U.S. Release Cut
  • Tricks And Treats: An Interview with Director Eddy Matalon
  • Cathy & Mum: Interview with Actress Randi Allen and Costume Designer Joyce Allen
  • Audio Commentary on U.S. Cut by BirthMoviesDeath critic Brian Collins and Filmmaker Simon Barrett
  • Introduction to Cinematic Void Screening At American Cinematheque by BirthMoviesDeath Critic Brian Collins
  • Theatrical Trailer

Check out the trailer below:

You can PRE-ORDER the movie from Severin Films and enjoy even more CATHY'S CURSE goodies, by ordering the CATHY'S CURSED BUNDLE.

What is in this bundle you speak of?

Well you will get a special edition copy of the Blu-Ray signed by the director Eddy Matalan, an enamel pin with light-up green eyes, a glow in the dark T-shirt (make sure to choose your size when ordering), Cathy mask and a 12 x 18 poster.

This will cost you $49.99 (plus shipping) (£58.99 with shipping for U.K. buyers) and can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

You can also get the STANDARD VERSION of the movie from Amazon.com at the link below.

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