Film Review: LORD OF TEARS (a.k.a. The Owlman) (2013)

LORD OF TEARS (a.k.a. The Owlman) **** U.K. 2013 Dir: Lawrie Brewster 85 mins

Euan Douglas stars as James Findlay a school teacher who finds out that he has become the sole heir to an estate that his mother left him in her will. The only problem is that this is the childhood home where he was warned never to return to. Going up to the old family home James realises he is not alone, as the mysterious but charming Eve Turner (Alexandra Nicole Hulme) is there to keep him company.
As the time at the home grows so does the affection James has for Eve but it won’t be for long as the owlman will soon reveal something that will haunt James even more then his childhood dreams. Written with dread in mind, Sarah Daly brings us a haunting tale of one mans quest for the truth only to realise that life often reveals secrets that should have stayed buried. Besides this feature film the only acting credit Euan Douglas has is in a short film, so maybe his performance here wasn’t as good as it could have been to carry the film just that step further. The obvious character in the film that will stick with you throughout is the haunting character of the owlman, who speaks full of dread and is just creepy to look at. The best performance goes to Alexandra Nicole Hulme though as Eve who really holds the film together with her charm. If you want to watch a film that takes you further into the mind of madness and doesn’t rely on heavy special effects then this film will be a treat and is destined to become a cult classic. Also keep an eye on the production company behind this film (Hex Media) as they have further projects lined up that will interest even the hardest to please horror fan.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

U.K. audiences can pick up the film on DVD under the title THE OWLMAN by clicking HERE.



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