SIN (SELF-INDUCED NIGHTMARES) *** U.K. 2013 Dir: Dan Brownlie, Matthew Gargano, Ian Lawlor, Davide Melini, Adam A. Park, Liam Regan 80 mins

Another gathering of Europe’s rising horror filmmakers attempt to thrill, chill and disgust you with their tales of vampires, killer teddy bears and deranged women in this anthology horror.
Starting off with a man and woman meeting up in a bar after talking via online dating. They get their drinks and the woman begins to tell the man she is a writer and starts to spin off her stories of the macabre to her date. As previously mentioned the stories involve everything from bloodsuckers to killer teddy bears. The ideas themselves are really good but they don’t seem to have been executed well enough to really get you involved with the stories. The story that will have a few people grossed out is Liam Regan’s ‘Confessions Of Peltzer‘, which sees our main character of the story have his penis ripped during sex and blood flowing everywhere. There is a fine amount of indie film talent involved in front of and behind the camera on this film. There lacks a story which sticks out which is disappointing as previously to this film Dan Brownlie had worked on 3’S A SHROUD, and this film was originally conceived as a sequel to that far superior anthology film.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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