Film Review: YOU’RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT (2016) (Short Film)

YOU’RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT **** Spain 2016 Dir: Sergio Morcillo. 15 mins

A brutal, stylish short from promising Spanish filmmaker Sergio Morcillo, whose most high profile gig to date has been “M is for Metamorphose” from THE ABCS OF DEATH 2. Inebriated Monica Aragon returns home after a debauched Halloween night out, and receives texts and phone calls informing her “You’re gonna die tonight”. Suspenseful stalking scenes ensue as a stranger in a grim zipper mask invades her house. Very well shot and edited, this offers clever riffs on slasher movie tropes, particularly a neat and nasty inversion of the sex-and-death motif, leading to a fabulously mean-spirited final twist. Aragon is a boldly unsympathetic “heroine”, and Morcillo’s directorial future seems assured.

Review by Steven West

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