Film Review: DIVERGE (2016)

DIVERGE *** USA 2016 Dir: James Morrison 85 mins

After a viral pandemic has almost wiped out the population and the planet is all but destroyed, a couple that have managed to survive this far are just barely hanging on. Chris Towne and his wife Anna are wary of others and when approached by a stranger who says he can help they refuse and move on. After a grisly turn of events Chris is given the chance to go back and change his life and the horrendous turn of events that led to the deadly virus but it comes at a great moral cost.
It starts off as quite a slow burn and is short on dialogue throughout,  more notably at the start where nothing is said out loud until we are 9 minutes in. It doesnt really need heaps of talking though as it is a very compelling story that instantly grabs you and doesn’t bombard you with too much going on at once, primarily about love, relationships, trust and family told from a post apocalypictic backdrop of desolation with the added bonus of time travel! Some might say it could do with cutting down a bit but I felt it really added to the whole emotional feel of it as you are there with them through it all. The cinematography, sound and special effects are all really well done and provide an excellent atmosphere to it all. The acting is okay but a little stunted at times and features a few dodgy accents. Ivan Sandomire (Taking Woodstock) as Chris seems an unlikely hero and comes across as quite shy as the lead but gets better as the film goes on. There is also a shifty looking child who is quite off putting but luckily not in it much. On the whole I was pleasantly surprised by this attempt I think some of the actors or characters they played let it down a little but it is worth a watch for the great story idea.

Review by Sarah Budd

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