Film Review: JASMINE (2015)

JASMINE **** U.S.A. 2015 Dir: Dax Phelan 80 mins

One year after his wife was murdered, Leonard To retraces her last steps and places white roses along the way. He is still broken and a shell of his former self making numerous phone calls to the police trying to find out if they have any new information on her case and making it known that he is available to help in any way possible. When he comes across a strange man at his wives grave Leonard suspects that he is the murderer and takes it upon himself to find out who he is.
The character of Leonard, played by Jason Tobin, is not a well man and you know there is something not quite right with him but you sympathise with him all the way and Tobin plays him extremely well especially as he spends a lot of screen time alone. The soundtrack is sparse, tension building and incredibly effective and the storyline gripping and emotional with a chilling, heart rending end. Well shot with a great city backdrop to take in although not a lot in the way of special effects. It is a very compelling movie that cannot be described in too much detail for fear of giving it away, at the start it seems quite simple but there is an awful lot to take in as it progresses and to understand it fully with all the clues and twists requires a few watches which I will happily do as this is an enjoyable thriller.

Review by Sarah Budd

Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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