Film Review: PEELERS (2016)

PEELERS *** Canada 2016 Dir: Seve Schelenz 95 mins

On closing night of a strip club in a small town, owner Blue Jean has to protect her bar, strippers and patrons when a group of miners unwittingly bring with them an unwanted and fast acting violent rage virus.
To begin with, I would like to point out the vast quantity of quality songs used and written for this movie there are some great stand out tracks. The title track “Eyes On Fire” is truly haunting and very effective. This is a good thing because this movie does take quite a while to get down to business. There are quite a few prolonged scenes with the various strippers doing their thing and an awful lot of boobidge , which is to be expected and I’m sure will appeal to many. There is a great streak of humour going on throughout and it is all a lot of fun. The strippers have their own signature tricks, all of which are impressive although it is very hard to top Frankie, also known as Thunder Cunt, she has some skills!! The infected are consumed with rage which means their victims are dismembered and beaten horribly, there is plenty of gore and violence but a lot of the shots are rather dark and murky and at times it’s really hard to see what’s going on. The virus is caused by contaminated oil so the infected have a black oozing substance secreting from every orifice which looks quite gross and it is transferred by any contact so very easily spread about. Acting wise the cast is pretty good it’s all fairly standard stuff we have seen before but the characters are quite likeable and there is plenty of eye candy for both genders and inclinations. There seems to be mixed reviews on this so you will either love it or hate it. Even though it is a bit slow to start and isn’t  much different than other similar rage virus movies the music, humour and gore really appeal so I am firmly in the love it camp and this will belong in my collection very soon!

Review by Sarah Budd

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