Film Review: YESTERDAY LAST YEAR (2017)

YESTERDAY LAST YEAR *** Canada/U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Jeffrey Hanley 76 mins

YESTERDAY LAST YEAR follows Michael (Adam Bradley) as he attempts to make a a time machine in his garage. Low on his priority list is his wife Sandra (Amelia Mathews) who is supporting him financially. His only friend is Scott Walker who works out the mathematics behind the time machine. As the film progresses they finally get the machine to work and then have the decision on whether to use it.
Of course they all use it and hope to change things in the past, but will their past mistakes be erased or merely delayed through time and space. The tagline to this movie says everything you really need to know: ‘3 people + time machine = infinite betrayals’. The budget to this is obviously fairly low but considering the majority of the film is shot in the garage there is no need for extravagant sets. The time machine itself is basically two chest freezers, but when your travelling through time do you really care how you get there? In fact the only bit of trickery used is when items or people travel and reappear. Well acted by all involved but credit has to go to Amelia Mathews playing the wife. A fairly decent time travel movie that focuses more on the drama between those involved so dont expect to see a sfx ridden sci-fi movie.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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