Film Review: THE ANSWER (2015)

THE ANSWER ** U.S.A. 2015 Dir: Iqbal Ahmed 83 mins 

When a young introverted man with unusual powers receives a package addressed to his mother, who died many years ago, he finally learns who he is but this ends up with him being hunted by beings trying to stop him finding out the truth. With the help of his office love interest he searches for answers about his parents and finds out who or what are responsible for various abductions and the murder of his friends and colleagues.
With a promising start this draws you in and you get the feeling this is going to be rather good. Unfortunately once things get going the acting becomes tedious and the overall quality takes a swift nose dive, plummeting into a sea of underwhelming special effects (featuring 80’s style pong computer graphics) and a rather whiny self pitying lead character. There seems to be a slight role reversal with the main male and female characters where by the guy spends a fair amount of time moaning and whinging whereas the over confident female character feels the need to say things like “I could get used to boneing an alien”…. pure class love! Despite my less than enthusiastic reaction to this so far it does try to throw a little bit of mystery, sci fi and thriller feels into the mix which keep the pace up fairly well but it lacks background story on what these aliens are. Due to it being low budget the aliens themselves are not very interesting but I quite liked the unnerving noises they make. I wanted to like this movie more then I did, it was fairly quick paced and tried the odd little twist here and there but I did not warm to the characters or the effects and fight scenes so do not feel it warrants a second viewing.

Review by Sarah Budd

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