Film Review: CIRCUS KANE (2017)

CIRCUS KANE **** USA 2017 Dir: Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray 88 mins

Years after a fatal incident struck the incredibly popular cult attraction Circus Kane, circus master Balthazar Kane decides to re-invent his horror show attraction and bring it more up to date by featuring it on all social media mediums. What better way to go about it then sending out a Willy Wonka style golden ticket invitation via social media to Americas most influential horror personalities and offering them a prize of $250,000 if they can last the night, the question is who, if any, will survive to collect the prize money?
With huge nods to the SAW movie franchise complete with Balthazar Kane as a shadowy figure on the screen, as well as Rob Zombies 31 with the game setting and the clown killers this still holds up well on its own merits and puts a few of its own twists on the ideas if a little confused at times. Written by James Cullen Bressack (Pernicious, Bethany) who also has a small cameo appearance, and Zack Ward (Bethany); I find myself again being drawn to Bressacks movies and liking each one I see more and more, none ever seem wholly original but they are always very entertaining and are definitely worth watching. Director Christopher Ray (2 Headed Shark Attack, A House Is Not A Home) has strayed from Creature Features and the Supernatural and delved into Killer Clown/Splatter territory to great effect. Featuring an exceptional performance from Tim Abell (Sniper: Special Ops) as the eccentric, psychotic, Shakespeare quoting, Master of Ceremonies Balthazar Kane. Who revels in the art of magic and the macabre and with the help of his murderous clown accomplices he lays waste to many of the arrogant wannabes who think its going to be an easy ride. One such character is Big Ed effortlessly played by Ted Monte (Silence Of The Lambs) who is the ultimate stereo typical cock sure, smart ass comic book store owner. With a grown up Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire) as thief turned hero Scott and lastly Victoria Konefal (The Wrong Crush) as Tracey our final girl of sorts. The whole movie is well acted by all and it has great practical effects and buckets of blood with a mixture of well thought out kills and some that were a bit predictable but never disappointing. The soundtrack is brilliant and features a live performance by punk band Corrupted Youth and an awesome track by A Mirror Hollow over the end credits, which by the way need to be watched to the end. For fans of Slasher and Splatter movies I highly recommend this, it may not be as polished as the films I have already mentioned but it is extremely great fun.

Review by Sarah Budd

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