Film Review: THE DEVIL IN WHITE (2014)

THE DEVIL IN WHITE *** U.S.A. 2014 Dir: Michael Fredianelli 113 mins

In the near future a cult of revolutionaries plot to murder the president of a pharmaceutical company to stop the merge of two of the biggest drug distribution companies coming together. The drug in question is one known as ‘Equalizer’ or for short ‘EQ’, this powerful drug looks like cocaine but ‘EQ’ can heighten your senses. For instance if you have bad eye sight by taking the drug it will take some of your other bodies stronger senses and improve your senses that are demising.
Only thing is you should only take the drug in very small amounts otherwise it can lead to a very painful death. The leader of the cult is known as Archie and he brings into his fold Johanna a girl who can’t stand her mother and is somewhat addicted to ‘EQ’. Her mother soon realises her daughter isn’t coming back and goes on a hunt to find her daughter, but on her search she will come face to face with the cult itself and discover their ultimate plans for the drug. Its nice to see a indie film that is trying something unique and is far removed from the zombie and slasher films the scene has come accustomed to. Comparisons to the 2011 film LIMITLESS starring Bradley Cooper can be seen but this is only a minor detail. Throughout you are questioning the motives of the protagonist Archie through this slow burn sci-fi and you begin to wonder who really is the bad guy. Well acted by all involved with a special mention to Jeremy Koerner who played Archie. At nearly two hours long the film at times can seem padded but by editing the movie down to a shorter running time it would leave viewers scratching their heads, so its best at its current running time. Watch THE DEVIL IN WHITE if you want to heighten your experiences with a indie film with a blockbuster idea.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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