Film Review: THE DOMICILE (2017)

THE DOMICILE * U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Jared Cohn 83 mins

One time successful playwright Russel Brody is working on his follow up play that could see him reach stardom once again. With the added stress of a baby on its way and a strained marriage his frustration reaches a new high. When his wife accidentally falls down the stairs and dies, Russel must take care of his wife’s disabled sister while trying to finish his play and grieve the death of his wife. A year on and Russel is still struggling and with his friend David pushing him to finish his latest play, Russel gets in touch with his mistress Lucy to help regain some normality in his life. Only thing is a dark shadow is haunting Russel, is it a demon or is it the ghost of his wife back to haunt him over his unfaithfulness?
The first half hour of this movie has promise with performances by Amanda Ruth Ritchie as the disabled sister Samantha being the highlights. As the movie goes on it turns into a plodding pace with only the ghost and the promise of a reveal of what is going on only keeping you watching. Too many characters and a tendency to rush through moments that should be explored more leave you underwhelmed. Constantly throughout the movie you feel more and more disengaged with what the main character is going through and by the conclusion of the movie you are just glad its all over.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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