THE ABDUCTION OF JENNIFER GRAYSON *** U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Corynn Egreczky 99 mins

James Duval leads as Jeremy, a man obsessed with having attention from women even if that means he has to kidnap them to get that interest. When his attention is thrown in his face by Jennifer Grayson (Rachel Jane Conn) he seeks her out and kidnaps her. Tieing her up in the basement of his home the two slowly become friends but is Jennifer the only girl for Jeremy?
When Jennifer reappears in the public a year later, Detective Marx (wrestler Tommy Dreamer) questions Jennifer about her abduction, but comes face to face with a girl who has stockholm syndrome. Only by revealing who Jeremy really is to Jennifer and what he has done will she realise the monster she shared her affection with. The film is played out by bouncing between the interrogation of Jennifer by Detective Marx and her time she spent with Jeremy. James Duval plays his character with calm cool collectiveness which adds extra tension to any scene he shares with Rachel Jane Conn. Tommy Dreamer was surprisingly good as the detective, perhaps when he hangs up his boots for good he will go in to acting full time. While some will see this film as more of a drama, it is really a dramatic thriller with just a touch of horror thrown in. Look out for Suzi Lorraine in a very brief moment as one of Jeremy’s girls. THE ABDUCTION OF JENNIFER GRAYSON is the perfect movie if you want to see character development done right.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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