Tuesday, 7 November 2017


We here at Horrorscreams Videovault are always looking for new projects to share with you all. Well we have news on a production that needs your help with funding. The project is a zombie film and it is being made by FoxTrot Produtions the people behind THE PLAGUE and CONFESSIONS OF A HOMICIDAL PROSTITUTE.

Much like the first two films in this indie zombie trilogy, THE PLAGUE 3 is self funded by a small group of filmmakers from Western New York  and they want to end this trilogy with a bang and that's where your help will come in handy.

THE PLAGUE has played in numerous festivals around the world including Italy and the Netherlands and was featured as an Official Selection.

The films centre around a man-made disaster of Love Canal, Niagara Falls, that became a toxic dumping ground in the 70's and 80's, that affect our world today...with the outbreak of the dead.

To help this trilogy reach its end you can donate towards the film via their Indiegogo contribution page here:

They hope to reach $5000 which every part of your donation will go into the project.

There is some really cool perks as well such as being listed as a producer in the credits, signed posters DVD's and more.

Even if you can't help financially a share with friends across social media will also help them out alot.

To find out what other stuff FoxTrot Productions have done and are currently doing join the Facebook group: 

You can also pick up a copy of THE PLAGUE 2 on DVD by going via the link below.

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