A witch themed horror movie has come to our attention and it is called THE LAST WITCH (2017) that is based on an incredible actual witch hunt in Spain that took place 400 years ago in 1619.


Three friends film a documentary about Joanna Toy, a woman convicted of witchcraft 400 years ago in the town of Terrassa, Spain. In 1619, six women were accused of witchcraft. Five were hanged after being tortured, but Joanna Toy escaped. Her whereabouts are a mystery to this day. This found footage film and horror movie will reveal the truth behind the last witch.

Carlos Almón Muñoz (Writer/Director, THE LAST WITCH) had this to say about the release of his movie:

As the creator of The Last Witch, I’m excited to finally bring my movie to English speaking audiences and worldwide distribution.

The premise of The Last Witch is grounded in actual local history in Spain. As a matter of public record, between 1615 and 1619 in the town of Tarrassa, Spain, a witch commission was formed. The residents of Tarrassa believed their town was cursed by a witch and demanded justice. Six women were convicted of witchcraft, including Joanna Toy. Five of the women were tortured and hanged, but Joanna Toy escaped and was never found. ( _Tarrasa and

My movie is a fictional account of what might have happened to Joanna Toy.  400 years after the witch trials (circa present day), a group of filmmakers travel to Tarrassa to research the mystery behind Joanna Toy’s disappearance.

This project is a labor of love. Spain has a rich history creating noteworthy found footage films (including the REC series) and I sincerely hope my movie is worthy of the genre. 

THE LAST WITCH is available to watch now via Amazon VideoPOV Horror Roku, and POV Horror Amazon Fire TV.

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