Film Review: ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE (2014)

ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE *** U.S.A./Bahamas 2014 Dir: Ryan Lightbourn 94 mins

Five college students head off to the remote parts of Florida to stay at one of the groups holiday home. The students include your usual array of characters including the nerd Evan, the jock Kyle and his girlfriend Amy, a stereotypical  English character called Owen and his girlfriend Kate). There intentions are simple to party away spring break with drugs, drink and good times. Instead they are forced to fight off a deadly virus which turns people into zombie type creatures who like they are from THE DESCENT. Only with the help of two escaped convicts and a gun-toting hillbilly will they survive these vicious creatures…or will they?
Written and directed by Ryan Lightbourn it is pretty clear that he has a love for the creature features of the 1980’s and early 1990’s. This is shown with his portrayal of the aforementioned characters and the dialogue they use, but mostly it is the music which has an ’80’s synth style to it. It wouldn’t be a proper homage without adding in the montage scene of them getting ready to fight the creatures and partying the night away.
One of the films funnier moments comes from the escaped convict Trey who gets tied up in the back of a pickup truck and while everybody goes to get help, he shouts back at them “are you seriously going to leave me out here like the goat from Jurassic Park?” He is very much played as if he was a character played by Samuel Jackson. ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE has all the right ingredients for a fun horror film, a great script, dark comedy, terrifying creatures and bloody practical sfx. With unlikely survivors, at least in horror film terms, this is one horror film you should put on your to watch list.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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