Film Review: IBIZA UNDEAD (a.k.a. Zombie Spring Breakers) (2016)

IBIZA UNDEAD (a.k.a. Zombie Spring Breakers) ** U.K. 2016 Dir: Andy Edwards 95 mins

I had been warned off purchasing this film by many zombie fans so when the opportunity arose to review this I jumped at the chance to satisfy my curiosity (and fulfil my need to see every zombie movie at least once) without parting with any cash. And, well, if I was under 25, possessed crap taste in music and had a complete personality transplant then I’m sure this review would be a bit more positive but here goes……
3 kind of geeky loser types and one of their ex girlfriends go on a holiday to Ibiza, once there they go to their villa and indulge in the usual nightmare scenario of alcohol fuelled nightclubbing in the hope of getting laid by anyone or anything. The zombie apocalypse has already happened but apparently is under control and the reports confirm that the island is clear of infected. One of the nightclubs uses zombies shipped over from the UK in one of its shows though and after a slight mishap the island is getting over run by the undead.
That is pretty much it, obviously they have to band together to escape without being infected which, in fairness, could have been condensed into just over an hours worth but no. Instead they pad it out with endless shots of scantily clad women and innuendo with more pussy and cock jokes then normal dialogue. Described to me by many as The Inbetweeners do a zombie movie the similarities are frequent, unfortunately for me I am not a fan of their puerile coming of age awkwardness and wanking jokes which Ibiza Undead duplicates very well so this description is pretty spot on in that respect. The acting is proficient from all involved with the characters being very stereotypical especially the main geeky characters who try their best at humour. It features the appearance of Matt ” Super Hans” King (Peep Show) as sleazy, sexual predator nightclub owner Karl. Plus a cameo from TV presenter Alex Zane who is himself a zombie fanatic. My favourite character had to be Torval the taxi driver who has a pretty good death. The young main cast, as i said we’re fine, the script could have been better as they all came across as competent but had quite weak dialogue at times, still they played their parts as obnoxiously as planned. They were not likeable characters but very human with no stand out heroics. There is nothing in this film that hasn’t already been done in fact films like Shaun Of The Dead, Dead Snow and Attack Of The Lederhosen Zombies are far superior in comparison, even Zombeavers is funnier. However their choice of slow zombies was a good one and the zombie cast, make-up and effects were really good. The less said about the soundtrack the better as it really wasn’t to my taste at all. Plus harsh words need to be directed at the costume department on the choice of band t shirt they decided  for “Big Jim”. No self respecting Slayer fan would be seen dead in an Ibiza nightclub!! I prefer the title Ibiza Undead to the other of Zombie Spring Breakers as to me its far too Americanised. We don’t even call it Spring Break in the UK so it just feels wrong. On the whole this was OK but will appeal much more to younger zombie fans who will no doubt find it more fun then I did. It is slick,  well produced and after the first thirty minutes does pick up the pace. I’m glad I watched it but don’t feel the need to see it again.

Review by Sarah Budd

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