Film Review: ZBURBS (2016)

ZBURBS *** U.S.A. 2016 Dir: Greg Zekowski 90 mins 

A happily married couple experience the ultimate test of their relationship when husband, Bill (Ian Alda) gets bitten by a supposed burgler who infects him with a zombie virus. Victims display subtle differences to live humans for example:- a lack of pulse, sensitivity to heat and light and an all consuming urge for human flesh, this does create a significant strain on their marriage but wife Shelley (Marieh Delfino) still loves him and will not leave him in this state and Bill will do everything he can to protect his woman. Together with Shelley’s brother (Gabe Greenspan) and best friend (Courtney Scheuerman) they try to come up with a plan to protect Bill from Federal Agents and themselves from the other zombies.
This is billed as a horror/comedy (and a bit of romance) with the main emphasis on comedy. They do have a different take on the zombies, OK so they are infected by bites, are by all effects dead, diffcult to kill and crave human flesh but they talk coherently, are aware of their surroundings and recognise family and friends. The way they kill and consume their victims is rather different than usual but seems highly effective and is hilarious. It is really well acted from all involved with Alda and Delfino having  great on screen compatibility. It has the right balance of Zom to Com but does go a bit overboard on the Rom at times if you get me. The soundtrack is a great mix of themes but the old school odes to 80’s zombie movies are a great touch. Don’t expect a lot of gore, well none actually, aside from a few drops of blood and a severed hand I don’t recall an awful lot else but its not always about tons of blood and guts is it?! The rest of the effects are perfectly fine. This is a pretty good take on the genre and there is enough decent content so as not to insult a zombie fans intelligence unlike some other mainstream so-called zombie movies I could name. It has a little bit of something for everyone and  I’m sure most will enjoy this,  its happy, lighthearted and does give us fans an appropriate zombie fix.

Review by Sarah Budd

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