In 2002 a film directed by Don Coscarelli (PHANTASM) saw Elvis and JFK come together to fight off the forces of evil, that film was called BUBBA HO-TEP.

The film would become a fan favourite especially for those who are fans of Bruce Campbell. Many have wanted a sequel to this film and although we may never get one, what we do get is a prequel…..in comic form.

Prior to the events of the original Bubba Ho-Tep cult story, Elvis was enlisted by President Nixon to defeat an alien threat unlike anything he’s faced before. IDW and award-winning writer Joe R. Lansdale present Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers!

Bubba Ho-Tep was an accidental story that turned out to be my first film adaptation, and it’s still going strong in story and film,” said Lansdale. “And finally, it has inspired a background story that was first a novel, and is now represented in the medium that first made me want to be a writer: comics. Graphic novels. What we used to call Funny Books. I’m excited and looking forward to readers discovering it all in color and looking fine. May more Bubba comics burst into existence and give the world the true story of how the world has been protected from evil, and for quite some time. Thank goodness these defenders are out there, working in the shadows.

Joining Lansdale in bringing this story to comic form will be writer Joshua Jabcuga and artist Tadd Galusha (Godzilla: Rage Across Time).

Part of a secret government organization designed to protect civilians, Elvis Presley and a group of hardcore warriors set out to save the world from an invasion of hive-minded, shape-shifting, vampire-like creatures from a dark dimension.

IDW Publishing will be releasing issue one this March with covers by Galusha, Baldemar Rivas, and Timothy Truman.

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