Making a feature length horror film that stands out is hard work, now try making a short film which tells you a story in 3 minutes. That is what award winning British filmmaker Dan Allen (UNHINGED, 2017) will be bringing to life in his anthology web-series #3MINUTEHORROR which kicks off with its first episode called ‘The Mime’.

‘The Mime’ unfolds when a businesswoman encounters a mysterious killer mime in a London underpass – a character Allen devised to draw comparisons to Pennywise from IT.

When people see these performers in real life there’s no longer the safety of the stage. The moment the line blurs between audience and performer you’re in unnerving territory.” Allen said.

Thoughts crossed my mind about how these kinds of unfamiliar characters could kill and that is what The Mime plays on.

Forthcoming episodes in the #3MinuteHorror series will hone into other various cultural phenomenons and supernatural characters.

Horror fans will love the new original villains and concepts, as well as the homages. Ultimately I want to use this series to explore as many ideas as possible with other artists and actors,” Allen said.

Described as the ‘Rocketjump of horror’, the #3MINUTEHORROR series delves into a diverse range of sub-genres – from slashers and monster movies to science fiction.

Allen developed his short length concept to bring horror into a format suited to modern day viewing and appealing to next generation audiences.

People are constantly consuming different media and desire instant gratification in short time periods,” he said.

Episodes are engaging and easy to squeeze into a morning commute while the series as a whole is still binge-watchable, satisfying the changing media consumption behaviours in today’s society.

Episodes and behind-the-scenes featurettes will be released on alternate rotation bi-weekly throughout 2018 on the Dan Allen Films Youtube channel which you can find by clicking HERE.

To see what other work Dan Allen has done go to his website: http://danallenfilms.com/

You can see what Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins thought of the short film by watching the review video HERE (P.S. Why not SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube Channel while your there).

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