SRS Cinema return with another release and its one that lovers of SOV gore films are going to love.

Director Matt Watts has gone old school and made a SOV inspired gore flick called FATAL PREMONITIONS. If you’re a Todd Sheets or Polonia Bros. fan, then you will find plenty to love in this limited edition release!


Karl is a troubled young man. He has survived an attack from a masked killer, endured sleepless nights haunted by terrible apparitions, and been the target of demonic possession. In an attempt to get his life back together, Karl seeks the help of a therapist to work through his issues. But as he relives his ordeal, he realizes his struggle may not be over…

This horror anthology was shot on video to ensure the highest quality viewing experience for the discerning viewer. Starring Kyle Valmassy (LAND SHARK), featuring Sarah French (INSECTULA!) and a special guest appearance from SOV legend Mark Polonia (SHARKENSTEIN, BIGFOOT Vs. ZOMBIES).

FATAL PREMONITIONS will not disappoint fans of the goriest of the shot on video flicks!

The title is limited to just 50 Blurays and 25 DVDs, and is currently on presale which you can grab yourself a copy via the links below.

Copies are expected to start shipping around the very end of February 2018. With a title this limited, you better lock down your copy NOW!

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