If you are a Anime fan or a Manga fan there is no doubt you would have heard of TOKYO GHOUL.
Now that world comes to you in the form of a live-action movie directed by Kentarô Hagiwara and it is equal parts thrilling as it is gruesome.

It will be showing in select cinemas across the U.K. for one night only, Wednesday 31st January 2018
Check HERE to see where it is playing near you.

Similar films may be content with positioning the monstrous ghouls as unsympathetic foes of a vulnerable humanity. TOKYO GHOUL however, expertly paints its picture a striking moral grey, with examples like Tōka (portrayed by Fumika Shimizu) and her frustrated struggles to live in both worlds, giving us a wonderfully nuanced view of the humanity in monsters and the savagery in humanity.

Kentarô Hagiwara shines in his feature film debut, harmonising each ingredient on his plate into a unified flavour led by Masataka Kubota and supported by powerful spices like a deliciously creepy performance by Yū Aoi. With clever framing against the narrative’s brutal turns, even the costume choices are at times given an expressiveness that makes them feel like worthy additions to the cast!


Quiet and bookish, Ken Kaneki (Masataka Kubota) was all but dead to a world living in fear of “Ghouls”: creatures who not only share our skin, but crave its taste. When a nightmarish encounter leaves him a human-ghoul hybrid however, Ken finds himself taken under the wing of those he once considered monsters and fighting to protect them from a vengeful hunger that will leave him asking what it truly means to be inhuman.

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