Thursday, 8 February 2018

Book Review: IT CAME FROM THE VIDEO AISLE! by Dave Jay, S. Wilson & Torsten Dewi

Book Review: IT CAME FROM THE VIDEO AISLE! by Dave Jay, S. Wilson & Torsten Dewi

If you have read Empire Of The 'B's then you will know what to expect from this new book focusing on Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment Studio. The home to some of the most wackiest, bizarre and sometimes unlikely films to ever be made. Mostly known for its ongoing franchise PUPPET MASTER, Charles Band's studio has had its fair share of ups and downs and this is an in-depth look at both.
This book along with its predecessor will surely become a holy grail amongst those who are a fan of Charles Band and what his studio has put out over the years. One of its many highlights is the detail in to which the writers have gone into. This includes tracking down people who were involved in many of the studios outings and letting them take us on a journey of what could happen on a film set. A look at films that are either part the way done or are never to be filmed is a thrilling read as well, leaving you with hopes that some of these projects do eventually see the light of day. I can assure you if you think you knew everything there was to know about Full Moon, this book proves that there is ten times more information out there that you didn't know. It Came From The Video Aisle! is 480 pages full of interviews, behind the scenes photos and rare artwork that any fan of the studio or films in general will have fun reading for years to come. So don't be a KILLJOY, pick up this book now, you won't regret it.

Review by Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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