SRS cinema are bringing Emir Skalonja’s brutal cannibal take on the apocalypse SAVAGE
to Blu-ray.

Emir Skalonja’s stark cannibals in the apocalypse gore flick SAVAGE is unflinching in it’s take on survival in a brutal new world.


Plagued with constant warfare, disease and political, social and religious turmoil, the world as we know it ended in 2019. Many turned to cannibalism to survive in the world dying off due to famine. One man treks the wastelands to track down the group of cannibals who took everything from him. With dangers lurking at every turn, his character and will to survive is tested beyond limits.

The movie is in B&W in part,with key parts within shots at times having color, which creates a unique, gritty feel – art house horror at it’s best!

Mac Brewer, Horror Society called the film “Relentless. Emotionally exhausting.”

Amanda Blake, Horror Movie Freaks said the film was “…definitely worth a watch, especially if you’re looking for a good, violent survival movie!”

You can read our review of the movie here:

The release from SRS is limited to just 100 copies and is on Blu-ray only. Copies will start shipping mid March. Don’t wait, at just 100 copies this much loved gore flick will go fast!

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