Film Review: I DARED YOU! TRUTH OR DARE PART 5 (2018)

I DARED YOU! TRUTH OR DARE PART 5 *** U.S.A. 2018 Dir: Tim Ritter, Scott Tepperman 88 mins

I shall state right from the beginning that I have never seen the first four movies in this franchise, so this review is solely based on this movie and what knowledge I have of the previous movies. Right thats the disclaimer out of the way onto the movie review. Tim Ritter returns to the series he started all the way back in 1986 with the first film TRUTH OR DARE?: A CRITICAL MADNESS, but this time he is joined by Scott Tepperman on directorial duties too. Both appear in the movie as well as actors but Tepperman has the starring role as Daxton Hackman a mental patient who is out to get revenge on Detective Dan Hess.

In 1986 Dax was only a mere boy when Detective Hess allowed the Coppermasked Madman Mike Strauber to escape. While he was on the run Strauber caught Dax with a chainsaw leaving him hideously scarred on one side of his face. Now 30 years later Chainsaw Dax wears a mask similar to the man who disfigured him but it is Detective Hess who will have to pay the ultimate price of truth or dare. We do get several scenes showing us some of the back story to the characters. This is done by using footage from previous movies in the series which adds a nice bit of nostalgia to this movie as well as helps push the film along at an even pace. I thought this was really well done, there is a few moments of glaring editing problems and a moment where the camera must have been set at the wrong ratio leaving one scene appearing a bit disjointed. Despite being filmed in this century the whole film has a early 1990’s SOV look to it which I really liked. What you would expect from this sort of film is here though a little gore to be found here a bit of nudity there. Also eagle eyed viewers of independent horror films will notice a few familiar faces from other films. Is this truly the end of the Truth Or Dare films? I guess time will tell. Highly recommend this indie horror, now I have to go watch the previous films!

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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