Book Review: BASTARD SON: MURDERBORN by Frank T. Allen

Book Review: BASTARD SON: MURDERBORN by Frank T. Allen

Horror as a genre has a reach across many mediums and if your a lover of the slasher movie genre you will find this graphic novel a treat to read. The story follows Ethan Welles who as a young boy would have nightmares, and horrible visions of a gruesome creature who would tell him terrible things that no young child should hear let alone see. As you would expect his family sought professional help for the boy and for many years through therapy and the use of anti-psychotics his nightmare was over. Now as a man, the creature he saw as a child has returned and is now stronger then ever.
The evil entity will consume Ethan and seek out bloody vengeance on all those who stand in its way. Bastard Son: Murderborn is a graphic novel like none other, with over 100 pages of blood, gore and dark humour, its like a ‘best of’ of all those 80’s slashers slammed into one book. The use of colour really draws you into the story which was created by Frank T. Allen with artist Marco Fontanili bringing this gruesome story to life. With this being chapter one of this story, I for one am very excited to read further chapters in this visceral story that literally paints the pages red!

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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