Film Review: BUTCHER THE BAKERS (2017)

BUTCHER THE BAKERS ** USA 2017 Dir: Tyler Amm 94 mins

A recently fired Reaper known as “Drag” terrorizes a small town, killing as many people as possible and harvesting their souls to open a portal to a nether dimension. A higher ranking reaper official hires two slackers who work in a bakery believing them to be “stout of heart”  (simply because they offered him the last of their crudely drawn cock cookies)  to put an end to Drags killing spree. Meanwhile, a rather deranged yet bereaved girl and her friend are also on the hunt for Drag as they believe he is the one that murdered her father and stole his soul.
This horror/comedy has some good ideas and uses prosthetics and gore to great effect but that is about it. Its kind of a supernatural killer meets horrendous teen bromance movie which could’ve been a lot better if they hadn’t laid on the buddy element quite so thick. Martin (Ryan Matthew Ziegler) and Sam (Sean Walsh) did seem like a good duo if they weren’t constantly trying to out funny each other plus a lot of their antics have been done before. The acting from the rest of the cast was pretty abysmal with one guy being so bad he actually looked embarrassed at himself the majority of the time. The two girls parts were scripted very oddly and they seemed a bit out of place but one of them had some good lines. Drag (Mike Behrens) was fairly entertaining, he did remind me of a skinny version of The Undertaker with a hint of Sandor Clegane,  in one scene he creates some evil minions from his severed finger which was quite good with some creepy looking characters. The soundtrack was OK and there was an amusing montage section but the majority of the comedy was way off in my opinion, the funniest bit involving a disembodied arm (mainly because it doesn’t speak). The other moment worthy of a giggle being a sketch at the end of the final credits. In conclusion it was filled with a lot of cringe worthy moments but I enjoyed some of the effects.

Review by Sarah Budd

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