Ron Bonk’s early critically acclaimed SOV effort, THE VICIOUS SWEET, is getting a first ever Blu-ray release via SRS Cinema. The new release will use the original Betacam SP master, delivering the best quality version of the movie ever seen publicly.


Popular scream queen Tyler Phenix had it all! A successful career, a nice house, a loving boyfriend named Charlie… and plenty of adoring fans! Her direct-to-video features were guaranteed hits each time out. And her exposure was extending well beyond the b-movie circuit – she was starting to raise the eyebrows of some of the major players in Hollywood as well! And then comes what should have been the greatest day of her life — a proposal of marriage from Charlie, and an offer to work with a critically renowned director. So why does she turn both offers down? Well, Tyler’s greatest fan is asking the same thing. He wants her to be a big star… He wants all the world to love her like he does… In his eyes, she is making all the wrong decisions. And unfortunately for Tyler, he might know exactly why she is doing just that… Zombies and monsters from her movies, as well as the demons from her personal past, take physical form before her as she confronts the path her life has taken in a horrific psychological battle of the wills with her captor.

An engrossing variation on an oft-told tale, this is one of the years’s more enticing new independent releases!” — Fangoria
I haven’t felt this way watching a movie since Henry: Portrait for a Serial Killer” — Marc Polonia, director FEEDERS

PRESALES are on now available HERE
SHIPS MID TO LATE APRIL 2018, BD-R professional run with silk-screen label by discmakers. First time ever on Bluray.

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