Book Review: EARTH VIEW by Tom Stearns

Book Review: EARTH VIEW by Tom Stearns


Three years ago, Jill Hall made a split decision that almost destroyed her. 
Now she’s finally trying to get her life back together and move on.
Someone has other ideas.
Tom Stearns has written a short story that takes karma to the next level and then some. It is hard to read this book without seeing various influences from Asian horrors, specifically RING (1998) and PULSE (a.k.a. Kairo) (2001). This is not a knock on the authors creativity as he makes the story of a ghost using technology to seek vengeance his own. While the book is short at a mere 64 pages long the story is well written without any plot holes but leaves the reader wondering what happens next. Check this book out if you miss the Asian horrors from years past and are also wary of today’s technology.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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