Film Review: BLOOD BRIDE (2018) (Short Film)

BLOOD BRIDE *** USA 2018 Dir: Michelle Romano. 14 mins

Actress / producer Michelle Romano makes a stylish directorial debut with this lightly satirical short – produced for the Annual Massive Blood Drive PSA, a short film collection overseen by the Soska Sisters.
BLOOD BRIDE is an unsubtle study of the male fear of the medical profession, as the protagonist learns that the rare blood type he shares with his critically ill wife could be the key to her survival – albeit via a particularly unorthodox procedure. The narrative offers up an ensemble of male-fantasy nurses en-route to a climactic orgy of bloodletting, though a satisfying punchline is sorely lacking. It’s a shame the ending is a cop-out, because it’s good-looking and boasts a nicely understated, creepy performance by Robert Catrini as our hero’s doctor.

Review by Steven West

You can watch BLOOD BRIDE on Youtube by clicking HERE.

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