Film Review: BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL (2017)

BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL * U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Joshua Coates 109 mins 

A demon/succubus known as Lilith, believed by religious sorts to be the first wife of Adam, returns to prey on the weakness of men. Using her powers of seduction to brutally murder anyone from men of faith, high profile officials to a room full of football jocks…….anyone she pleases really.
Anything that will get her closer to the object of her desire. The man in question being an unassuming, awkward, oddball who was put up for adoption at a young age and has strong links to the church that he is seemingly unaware of. Will he discover in time that his new smoking hot lady is actually a monster? I wanted to like this I really did but truth is its a difficult one to get through. Watching the trailer you will notice that it seems to feature Eric Roberts a lot but when you watch the movie you will be lucky to see him past the introduction and the rest of the cast are definitely not going to be winning any awards with their efforts in this. Lilith herself (Alice Rose (in her first role)) is stunning and can work her way around a pole but has a long way to go before she gets complimented on her acting skills. It may have just been the poorly written script but she came across as way too eager and one dimensional. Grant Harvey who plays the gawky Jeremiah is rather cute but that’s about it he justs mopes about looking nervous and saying things like “tell her I don’t want to die” its really quite cringe worthy. As mentioned earlier the script is written in a way that makes a normal conversation seem awkward and disjointed. The special effects aren’t much better either but they seem aware of this themselves so don’t show too much they do seem to struggle with the simplest of things though. You would hope the soundtrack might pick things up a bit but its not happening, its loud and messy, on occasion it tries to add suspense although maybe too little too late. With not a lot of good things left to say about it is not the worst thing I’ve seen but it has a lot wrong with it.

Review by Sarah Budd

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