Film Review: THE DARK SIDE OF THE WOMB (2017)

THE DARK SIDE OF THE WOMB ** U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Sam Salerno 80 mins

“What did I just watch?” A sentence that will spew out of your mouth upon watching THE DARK SIDE OF THE WOMB. The film is a true odd ball horror with elements of comedy thrown in which at times you aren’t sure if to laugh or be horrified. Beginning with a woman giving birth, her child finally comes to the world but only as a head, shocked by this event her partner faints and ends up piercing his brain which leaves the doctors the only option but to kill him humanely. But wait!
One of the doctors knows a doctor who does unheard of surgery and could put the babies head on the fathers body, yes you read that right! With the surgery a success, the woman goes home with her partner with the babies head, unfortunately she cant love her partner the way she use to so goes in search of a new man. The lucky guy is Ed, a dwarf who much like the woman feels out of place in this crazy world. They may want to be together but the world will not accept it so Ed climbs inside of her to be born again. All this weirdness is going on while a killer clown goes on a killing spree. As I mentioned this movie is odd, very odd, its one of those movies that even if you blink for a second you would have missed something important to the story. Don’t go in to this movie expecting a laugh a minute type comedy horror but instead admire the oddness that has been created for us to view.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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