Film Review: TEMPUS TORMENTUM (2018)

TEMPUS TORMENTUM ** Canada 2018 Dir: James Rewucki 82 mins

A drifter simply known as Mr Mouse wanders in to a town where he is confronted by 3 antagonists that look like they have borrowed masks from the band Slipknot. Through this story of cat (antagonists) and mouse (Mr Mouse) we see Mr Mouse go from scene to scene that is predominantly shot in the dark.
He is chased throughout the town, but what do they want from him and what does it all mean? There is many questions that can be asked about this movie and while some may be answered, I believe the idea of the movie is to allow the viewer to decide what is really going on. This maybe an annoyance for those who want a beginning, middle and end to their movie storytelling. The visuals throughout are a key point to the movie which can be seen as much of a character as the main cast. James Rewucki has written, directed and edited a movie that won’t be for everyone, but those who want to see something different this will be for you.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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