Film Review: WHISPERS (2015)

WHISPERS * U.K. 2015 Dir: Tammi Sutton 90 mins

Former glamour model Keeley Hazell stars as depressed mother Catherine who lost her child. Now her husband Harvey (Craig Rees) with advice from a therapist takes Catherine to stay in the English countryside in the hope of helping her recuperate. The loss of a child is clearly devastating and Catherine is not taking it well at all. Catherine believes she hears her dead child in the house and can sense other things in the home.
When their friends come to stay over things take a sinister turn. While this film started promising, its slow plodding pace hinders what could have been an above average ghost story filled with drama. Although the acting is good it all equates to nothing when the film doesn’t give the audience characters that they can click with. Even Lynn Lowry shows up in a very brief role as the bitchy Grandma, though her star power couldn’t help raise this film any further from dreary to dull. Director Tammi Sutton has various experience doing many jobs behind the camera, including being director of the 2002 Killjoy sequel KILLJOY 2: DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL. Don’t expect to see anything new in this British horror but you will see some great camerawork and lighting. If a film didn’t need a sequel this is it but that is exactly what the ending of WHISPERS threatens could happen.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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