Everywhere you look there is zombies but what if your feline friend was a zombie, what would you do then?

2015 coughed up the fur ball that was ZOMBIE CATS FROM MARS and the prequel to that movie is in production.

So what will this prequel entail:

ZOMBIE CATS FROM MARS 2 takes place in 1957 and is centered around the Peterson family, their eccentric neighbor Agnes, physicist Grandpaw Bill, and a group of Soviet cosmonauts working under the control of the feline commander Cosmo. With Cosmo at the controls, a newly-launched satellite (Sputnik) beams a signal alerting Earth cats to attack. Agnes falls victim, and the Peterson family assume she’s been attacked by a large animal. When her bandages are removed, she’s revealed to have become a zombie and attacks matriarch Diane. As the Petersons’ world begins to collapse, it is up to young Armand Peterson and family friend Howie to go back in time to prevent the catastrophe that is unfolding.

Its not going to be easy to control this cast but the filmmakers are currently seeking funding for the next round of filming of several key scenes – primarily the Soviet Space Lab scenes.

Their target is $7,500 which every bit will go into the film and you can help them reach that target by donating via the link below:

Of course there is some perks available to those who donate to the cause which include: shout outs on social media, DVD copy of the film, Blu-ray copy of the film, tickets to the premiere of the film and many more!

Important Information:

THE PESTILENCE – Infected cats strike humans, which causes the humans to transform into Zombie-Cat People, who in turn attack other non-infected humans. If you shoot an infected cat, the cat will become a zombie and attack people unless it is anointed with holy water. If you shoot a Zombie-Cat Person, they will be forever dead, but their soul will be in a state of limbo. If you anoint a Zombie-Cat Person with holy water, they will be forever dead, but their souls will return to heaven.

If you are unable to contribute financially a share of the project across social media will go a long way to helping as well.

Keep up to date with the project via the following links:

Still not sure then why not check out the first film ZOMBIE CATS FROM MARS (2015).

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