Film Review: UNLISTED OWNER (2013)

UNLISTED OWNER * USA 2013 Dir: Jed Brian 74 mins

Brace yourself for yet another entry in to the found footage sub-genre that has become some what of a tradition for new film makers to dabble in. There isn’t much to say about this one as its rather tedious at times. The story sees the local police department compiling footage from several cameras together, to try to explain the events up to the deaths of the original owners of the footage.
Cue footage of obnoxious irritating characters that you wouldn’t care if they became a bloody stain in the carpet any time soon. So as mentioned the footage bounces between several cameras but nothing of what would fit the horror genre actually occurs till around the 45 minute mark. Even when the horror starts happening it is dull, running camera shots, screaming women and lots of shouting. Overall its all a bid bland and won’t leave you with a lasting impression. The plus sides are that it is well acted and it does look good, though at 74 minutes long it could still be edited down to a tighter 60 minute movie. Die hard fans of found footage films that are desperate to see another might find something to like here but for me it was instantly forgettable.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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