Film Review: WHITE GOODS (2018)

WHITE GOODS *** U.K. 2018 Dir: Bazz Hancher 80 mins

WARNING: Those who are easily offended or fall into the category ‘The PC (political correctness) Crowd’ should avoid this film for fear of having a good time. If you are still reading this then you will find a film that will have you in fits of laughter throughout.
Bazz Hancher has directed a film with an unlikely protagonist but he certainly has an everyday man appeal about him. The name of our hero, an electrician named Rio Tard (Richard Rowbotham) is called out to do some work on a property where renowned medium Keef Raven (Lee Mark Jones) performs a seance. While Rio Tard waits in the basement of the building he discovers a mysterious silver box and unknowingly becomes possessed by the demon once contained within the box. As Rio goes about his daily duties as an electrician the demon within him kills off his clientele. According to a mysterious group known only as the sisters, only Keef Raven can save the day by persuading Rio to a ceremony to banish the demon forever before it is too late. This is a quite enjoyable British horror with quite a few elements of comedy that go from mild to offensive in a split second. Many characters are definitely for comic relief, the camp gay couple, the obvious transvestite and the charlatan medium. Sure some of the humour does seem a little old fashioned but it will hit the mark with the right crowd. There is some great looking special effects stemming from practical to cgi with the latter only really getting used for demon scenes. Look out for the split personality narrator who tells us this sickening and often bizarre story. WHITE GOODS is the film that you didn’t know you needed in this day and age but will be glad to see has been made.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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