Thursday, 7 June 2018


Avoid the sticky floors, the strange smell in the air and that one person who seems to be doing something odd in their seat by checking out the next wave of Frolic Pictures' new limited edition grindhouse series double feature DVDs that can be found online wherever DVDs are sold (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, etc.)

Hand-selected by Hollywood exploitation filmmaker Jared Masters. A sordid combination of old school horror, vintage black comedies and juicy exploitation fare. Each DVD is a one-of-a-kind experience, like going to a drive-in back in the day, except in the comfort of your own home.

Each DVD is approximately three hours of shocking, bizarre, and tantalizing entertainment from a bygone era. Packed with cinematic surprises like short subjects, trailers, vintage TV commercials and intermission cartoons.

Digitally scanned from the original 35mm film prints! Be thrilled and pleasantly surprised with what the Maestro reveals across your screen. Screen at parties, make a double feature night with other cinephile friends, or simply enjoy them alone, as you turn on, tune in and drop out of your semi-important responsibilities.

Just pop the DVD in and let it play, thanks to Frolic’s clever auto-starting video discs. It’s like there’s a projectionist grinding out rare film prints for you at your leisure. Whether you’ve been to a real grindhouse in the 70s or 80s, or you’re discovering the sensation for the first time, these limited edition Frolic Doubles make the perfect show for the avid horror, cult, erotica and exploitation cinema fan.

These are the films that are on offer each on a double feature DVD:

  • Carnival of Souls / Spider Baby
  • Santa Claus Vs. The Devil / A Christmas Without Snow 
  • Hollywood Man / Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring
  • Fright Night / Karate Kids USA
  • Attack of The Monsters / Creature of Destruction
  • Scream Bloody Murder / Track of the Moon Beast
  • Blood Freak / The Pyx
  • Get Christy Love / Children of the Night
  • Joshua / The Swap
  • All the Kind Strangers / Savage Weekend
  • The Lazarus Syndrome / Against a Crooked Sky
  • The Last Woman on Earth / Nightmare Castle

Still not convinced? Watch this:

Collect them all! Only from Frolic Pictures! Visit for more info! 

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