SelfMadeHero have set the release date for the publishing of TUMULT, a visually distinctive thriller by two British creators – London-based writer and journalist John Harris Dunning and artist Mike Kennedy from Birmingham.


Adam Whistler topples himself into emotional free fall by impulsively ending his seemingly perfect relationship. He meets the bewitching and troubled Morgan at a party and is instantly ensnared in her life. When he learns that people close to her are being killed, he’s determined to protect her. Or is it Adam who needs protection…from Morgan?

A stylish, contemporary London-based thriller in the vein of Hitchcock and Patricia Highsmith, TUMULT is a collaboration between writer John Harris Dunning (Salem Brownstone), who also co-curated the British Library ‘Comics Unmasked‘ exhibition, and animator Michael Kennedy.

TUMULT  (184pp, colour, hardback, rrp 16.99)

TUMULT publication date is set for 2nd July and will be available from all good bookshops.

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