Film Review: PRETTY FINE THINGS (2016)

PRETTY FINE THINGS *** U.S.A. 2016 Dir: Ryan Scott Weber 100 mins

Welcome to Bernardsville, New Jersey home to the Banner family. In this quiet town several girls have gone missing and their bodies have yet to be discovered. As the local incompetent police force investigates the disappearances, one of the residents of Bernardsville decides to rent out his property. Walter Banner a bald man with OCD tendencies has a second home, and when three young women come to rent the place for the weekend the party is about to get wild.
Walter along with his brothers rent out the property to kill off girls. The reason for the kills is so they can use the bodies to make their father think their dead mother is still around. As the police investigation deepens and the Banner family kills rise, things will take an unsuspecting turn. Not even Walter could have seen what was going to happen when he rented out the property to these young women.
This low budget horror thriller written and directed by Ryan Scott Weber, took nearly two years to be made but with every penny available being used to make the film possible. Though the film does suffer from mild padding (which a quick edit would fix) the film is held together by Joe Parascand’s performance as Walter Banner. Andrew Divoff (WISHMASTER) makes a brief appearance as a doctor in a flashback scene seeing to Lynn Lowry (MODEL HUNGER) giving birth to one of the Banner brothers. The first half of the film has a nice pacing to it which goes up a notch when the Banner brothers get to do their killing spree in the second half. Fans of indie filmmaking will get a kick out of this film which clearly nods to PSYCHO.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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