Award-winning filmmaker Robert Logevall and writer Abram Makowka invite you to experience a young man’s descent into decadence and darkness.

THE PURGE’s Rhys Wakefield hatches a killer plan in THE GRAND SON, premiering on digital this August from Uncork’d Entertainment.


High in the Hollywood Hills, Tod and his sister, Lani live a charmed life in mansion of their grandmother, a former movie star now hosting a home shopping show with failing ratings. She sees her grandchildren as spoiled and entitled and when Tod senses that his lifestyle is in jeopardy he hatches a diabolical plot to keep the home shopping show going and the money rolling in.

Academy Award Nominee Lesley Anne Warren (Color of Night, Victor/Victoria), Fabianne Therese, Nathan Keyes, and Sarah Clarke (the Twilight franchise) also star.

THE GRAND SON releases digitally on 14th August 2018 and DVD on 6th November 2018. 

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