THE SLASHENING (review here) was made back in 2015 and the sequel is currently being made. The sequel titled SLASHENING 2: THE FINAL BEGINNING, is currently halfway through shooting but now really needs you..the horror fans…to help make this a fully fledged film.

They hope to be able to raise around $10,000 via their gofund me page which you can donate on via the following link:


Currently they are at $5,745 which is pretty good going but they need just that bit more to finish the film (shooting last few scenes etc).

This will be the third feature film by Annum Films who also made the horror comedy FEAR TOWN, U.S.A. (review here) in 2014.

The story to SLASHENING 2: THE FINAL BEGINNING is as follows:

Five years after “The Slashening,” 22-year-old Madison Santangeli (played by Addie Weyrich) moves to Brooklyn to start a new life in the wake of her father’s suicide. But a series of murders committed by a familiar masked killer starts happening around her. Is it coincidence or is someone sending a message? 

Still not sure if you want to donate to this horror sequel? Well how about watching the first 12 minutes of the movie for free below:

Still unsure? Check this out:

Well now you have seen that do you want to donate to the cause? If so donate here and make this movie happen:

Also give the Facebook page a LIKE to stay up to date on the project:


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