Alex Noyer is excited to announce his directorial debut, the short film CONDUCTOR. The seven minute film follows a music engineer as she mentors a young aficionado through composing a beat for a once in a lifetime competition, with devastating consequences.

The 808 producer said he wanted to not only study the use of drum machines and beat making in a horror setting but also contemplate the price of the pursuit of fame along with the consequences of today’s need for instant gratification.


Alexis, a sound engineer, helps an aspiring musician, Josh, win the drum machine of his dreams in a competition in a mall. She mentors him and helps him find his groove to compose the winning beat. Once he submits his creation, it triggers a chain reaction revealing the competition booth to be a gruesome contraption. Through Josh’s beat and a horrific death, Alexis’ creative design comes to fruition directing the macabre music she envisioned.

Conductor (2018) – Teaser from You Know Films on Vimeo.

CONDUCTOR screened recently at Santa Ana’s Horrible Imaginings, where it appeared in the Faith, Livelihood and Identity Short Film block, at the Frida Cinema.

CONDUCTOR will next travel to downtown Provo, UT for the Film Quest Film Festival. It will screen 7th September at 9 pm in the Midnight Madness Shorts block at Velour.

For more information on the FilmQuest screening, please go to:
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